Eating America: Crisis, Sustenance, Sustainability (Gdansk Transatlantic Studies in British and North American Culture)
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Eating America: Crisis, Sustenance, Sustainability (Gdansk Transatlantic Studies in British and North American Culture)

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Justyna Kociatkiewicz
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This volume of essays examines the relationship between eating and crisis. The United States' long-lasting economic and cultural hegemony raises a number of questions: Has America been - literally and metaphorically - eating, appropriating, exploiting, and molding the world in its own image, or has it been eaten, appropriated, and exploited as a (frequently criticized or disdained) source of ideas, ideology, and knowledge? What is the relation between the current ecological crisis and America's consumerist economy, with its practices of food production and consumption, and its use of natural resources? What is America's role in the ongoing crisis of modernity? And, if the crisis continues, where are the sources of sustenance?
Contents: Tomasz Basiuk: Tarte aux pommes, or, Delicacies Morally Good for You - Malgorzata Poks: Voluntary Simplicity and Voluntary Poverty: Alternatives to Consumer Culture - Aneta Dybska: The Battle over Squash and Beans: Food Justice Activism in a Polarized City - Justyna Wierzchowska: Consuming the Artist, Consuming the Image: Marina Abramovic 2001 MOCA Gala Controversy - Zofia Kolbuszewska: An Abject Guide to America: CSI Lab Autopsy and Stomach Contents as an (Ironic) Index of Interiorizing the Global and the Local - Agata Zarzycka: Unhappy Meals: Fast Food and the Crisis of the Underground in American Goth-themed Fiction and Graphic Novels - Oskar Zasada: Devouring Heroism: An Archetype Crisis in American Pop Culture - Elisabeth A. Frost: Performing Witness: The New Documentary Poetics - Jacek Partyka: Writing of Crisis and Crisis of Writing: Charles Reznikoff's Testimony (1934) - Joseph Kuhn: The Pale Horseman: Crisis in the Fiction of Katherine Anne Porter - Marta Kova: Indigestible America and the Crisis of Multiculturalism in Aleksandar Hemon's Fiction - Anna Gilarek: Humanity in Crisis: Man-made Apocalypse in Margaret Atwood's Oryx and Crake and The Year of the Flood - Dominika Bugno-Narecka: Food (and) War in Gravity's Rainbow - Agnieszka Kaczmarek: Eating Itself to Death: The USA as Seen by McCarthy and Twain - Paulina Ambrozy: «Resistance Is the Opposite of Escape»: Still Life as Sustenance in the Poems of Wallace Stevens and Gertrude Stein - Veronika Hofstätter: «Twas very hard to get down their filthy trash»: Investigating Food and Crisis in Mary Rowlandson's Captivity Narrative (1682) - Malgorzata Martynuska: Consuming Latinidad: Mexican Foodways in Maria Ripoll's Tortilla Soup (2001) - Jerzy Kamionowski: «Steam-driven cannibals ... claim us flesh eaters,- wish we were»: Black Sustainability through the Voice in African American Poetry on the Middle Passage - Laura Suchostawska: Thoreau and the Indians, or a Crisis of the American Ideals of the Wild and Wilderness - Francesca de Lucia: Marching through Wilderness: Relating to the Environment in an Italian American Perspective - Dominika Ferens: Between Taste and Interest: Reading Asian American Literature in the Age of Food Literacy.

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