Autor: Eva Flicker
ISBN-13: 9783631644478
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Fashionable Queens

103, Austrian Studies in English
Body - Power - Gender
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Contents: Monika Seidl/Eva Flicker/Nina Formanek/Eva Schörgenhuber: Introduction - Birgit Neumann: Queen Victoria and Political Self-Fashioning: Clothing Careers - Lioba Keller-Drescher: From Princess Bride to Fashion Queen: Wedding Gowns as a Strategy and Spatial and Physical Staging Act - Stella Bruzzi: Jacqueline Kennedy: White House Queen and Enduring Style Icon - Eva Flicker: Fashionable Gender Trouble in Politics - Katharina Sykora: The Queen Stripped Bare: Louise of Prussia, Nudity, Fashion, and Political Iconography - Griselda Pollock: Productive Illegibility: Gender, Monarchy and Self-Creation in the Histories, Images and Fictions of Queen Christina Vasa of Sweden - Michaela Lindinger: Sisi & Sisters: On Stars & Style - Barbara Vinken: Fashion Victim? Marie Antoinette (1755 Vienna, 1793 Paris) - Pamela Church-Gibson: Let Them Go Shopping: Marie Antoinette Moves from Page to Screen - Annette Geiger: Column with a Slit: The Diva and her Dress - Patricia A. Cunningham: Irene Castle: Ragtime Dance and Fashion Icon - Hanne Loreck: «Hiding in Plain Sight»: Fashion and Mimicry in Cindy Sherman’s (Non-Self-) Portraits - Gertrud Lehnert: Fashion Queen Barbie - Laura McLaws Helms: Krystle and Alexis: The Princess and the Queen Bitch in Dynasty - Adam Louis Troldahl: Like a Queen: Madonna & the Stage as Court.
The essays collected in this book provide profound insights into the wide-ranging topic of the fashionable queen: the manifold implications and effects that the combination of body, power and gender can have are examined by using different approaches and a variety of theoretical frameworks. By addressing queenly appearances in the past and the present, in politics and the media, in royalty and the middle-classes, in the arts and in popular culture, this book offers a new way of thinking of publically significant women, who exert, and at the same time subvert, their power through their attires and thereby negotiate notions of gender, class, power and media representation.
Editiert von: Eva Flicker, Monika Seidl
Monika Seidl is Professor of Cultural Studies at the English Department of Vienna University. Her research interests are wide-ranging with a focus on visual texts, literary classics and popular culture.
Eva Flicker is Professor of Sociology at the Department of Sociology at the University of Vienna. Her fields of research are visual sociology, gender studies as well as organizational communication and group dynamics.

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Autor: Eva Flicker
ISBN-13:: 9783631644478
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