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Gender Equality in Central and Eastern European Countries

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Contents: Michel E. Domsch/Désirée H. Ladwig/Eliane Tenten: General overview of the larger economic and social context behind the changes in women's lives in Russia and in 10 Central and Eastern European countries - Gisela Lange: Gender equality in Central and Eastern European candidate countries - an ILO perspective - Laura Riolli-Saltzman/Victor Savicki: Gender equality in Eastern Europe: a cross cultural approach - Sasha Todorova/Zdravka Toneva: Professional development of women with higher education in Bulgaria - Rumiana Stoilova: Inter- and intra-gender inequalities based on qualification - Hana Mariková: Gender equality in the Czech Republic - the position of highly qualified women in the transforming society - Zdenka Hajná: Towards equal opportunities 1999-2000 - results of a project funded by the European Commission in the Czech Republic - Leeni Hansson: Women on the Estonian labour market: continuity and change - Beáta Nagy: Women in the economic elite in Hungary - Parsla Eglite: Advantages and disadvantages of women in post-soviet Latvia - Vida Kanopienë: Women on the Lithuanian labour market - Renata Siemieñska: Gender and careers of highly skilled in Poland - Adelina Huminic: The situation of highly qualified women in economic and public life in Romania - Zoya Khotkina: Equal/unequal opportunities for women with high education in contemporary society and labour market - Ludmila Popkova: Gender policy in Russia: trends and debates on equal opportunities for women - Ludovit Cziria/Margita BaroSová/Mária Chaloupková/Magdalena Piscovà: Women issues and gender equality in employment in Slovakia - Nevenka Cernigoj Sadar: Employment of women in Slovenia - Désirée H. Ladwig/Eliane Tenten: The future of equal opportunities in Central and Eastern Europe - Survey results.
This publication takes a look at the current state of equal opportunities between men and women in the labour market in the 10 post-Soviet states which are candidates for membership in the EU and the Russian Federation. The articles are from high-ranking experts from Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, the International Labour Office and the United States of America and give a systematic look at each country. They also include specialists' insights into several aspects of women's employment and as far as possible provide a view of the social and professional situation of highly qualified women in Eastern Europe. This publication will be of interest to experts from different interest groups and research areas.
Editiert von: Michel E. Domsch, Désirée H. Ladwig, Eliane Tenten
The Editors: Michel E. Domsch is Professor of Business Administration and Director of the Institute for Human Resource and International Management at the University of the Federal Armed Forces Hamburg, Germany. At the European level he served as Co-ordinator of the EU-Network "Family & Work" and is currently Co-ordinator of European WorkLife Alliance "BALANCE". Désirée H. Ladwig is Professor for Business Administration, esp. Human Resource Management and International Management at the OTA University of Applied Sciences, Berlin. She is head of the F.G.H. (Forschungsgruppe Hamburg), a management consultancy specialised in Human Resource Management. Between 1997-2000 she was the co-ordinator of the European Network "Family & Work" (Funded by EC/DGV), still active as "BALANCE network". Eliane Tenten is research assistant at the Institute for Human Resource and International Management at the University of the Federal Armed Forces Hamburg. At the European level she served as co-ordination assistant of the EU-Network "Family & Work" (1997-2000) funded by the European Commission. She is currently project manager of the "BALANCE network".

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Autor: Michel E. Domsch
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