Autor: Jaleh Samadi
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Future of CO2 Capture, Transport and Storage Projects

SpringerBriefs in Environmental Science
Analysis using a Systemic Risk Management Approach
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Offers an in-depth study of complex sociotechnical systems and systemic modeling
Chapter 1. CTSC, Risk Management and Requirement of a Systemic Approach.- Chapter 2. Systems Theory, System Dynamics and Their Contribution to CTSC Risk Management.- Chapter 3. Systemic Methodology for Risk Management of CTSC Projects.- Conclusion.
A major question concerning CTSC at the current scale of development is: "What are the factors explaining the success or failure of CTSC projects in different contexts?" In order to answer this question, the book proposes a systemic risk management framework based on the system dynamics and STAMP (Systems-Theoretic Accident Model and Processes) concepts.
Autor: Jaleh Samadi, Emmanuel Garbolino
Jaleh Samadi was awarded a PhD in Engineering Science at MINES ParisTech, France. Since then, she has worked as Project Manager and Safety Engineer at EReIE (Energy Research, Innovation & Engineering) in France. She has been specially involved in the development and construction of an innovative biogas treatment / bioLNG production unit.

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Autor: Jaleh Samadi
ISBN-13:: 9783319748498
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