Autor: László T Kóczy
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Interactions Between Computational Intelligence and Mathematics

758, Studies in Computational Intelligence
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Presents recent research in the field of interaction between computational intelligence and mathematics
Page Rank vs. Katz: Is the centrality algorithm choice relevant to measure user influence in Twitter?.- Weighted means based filters for SAR Imagery.- On Combination of Wavelet Transformation and Stabilized KH Interpolation for Fuzzy Inferences Based on High Dimensional Sampled Functions.- Abductive Reasoning on Molecular Interaction Maps.- Efficient unfolding of fuzzy connectives for multi-adjoint logic programs.- On Generalizations of Concept Lattices.- Generating fuzzy attribute rules via Fuzzy Formal Concept Analysis.
This book presents recent research in the field of interaction between computational intelligence and mathematics, ranging from theory to applications. Computational intelligence, or soft computing consists of various bio-inspired methods, especially fuzzy systems, artificial neural networks, evolutionary and memetic algorithms. These research areas were initiated by professionals in various applied fields, such as engineers, economists, and financial and medical experts. Although computational intelligence offered solutions (at least quasi-optimal solutions) for problems with high complexity, vague and undeterministic features, initially little attention was paid to the mathematical models and analysis of the methods successfully applied. A typical example is the extremely successful Mamdani-algorithm, and its modifications and extensions, applied since the mid-1970s, where the first analysis of the simplest cases, showing why this algorithm was so efficient and stable, was not given until the early 1990s.

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Autor: László T Kóczy
ISBN-13:: 9783319746807
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