Autor: Bhabani Shankar Prasad Mishra
ISBN-13: 9783319736754
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Cloud Computing for Optimization: Foundations, Applications, and Challenges

39, Studies in Big Data
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Presents recent research on Cloud Computing for Optimization
Nature Inspired Optimizations in Cloud Computing: Applications and Challenges.- Resource Allocation in Cloud Computing Using OptimizationTechniques.- Energy Aware Resource Allocation Model for IaaS Optimization.- A Game Theoretic Model for Cloud Federation.- Resource Provisioning Strategy for Scienti¿c Work¿ows in Cloud Computing Environment.-   Consolidation in Cloud Environment Using Optimization
This book discusses harnessing the real power of cloud computing in optimization problems, presenting state-of-the-art computing paradigms, advances in applications, and challenges concerning both the theories and applications of cloud computing in optimization with a focus on diverse fields like the Internet of Things, fog-assisted cloud computing, and big data. In real life, many problems - ranging from social science to engineering sciences - can be identified as complex optimization problems. Very often these are intractable, and as a result researchers from industry as well as the academic community are concentrating their efforts on developing methods of addressing them. Further, the cloud computing paradigm plays a vital role in many areas of interest, like resource allocation, scheduling, energy management, virtualization, and security, and these areas are intertwined with many optimization problems. Using illustrations and figures, this book offers students and researchers a clear overview of the concepts and practices of cloud computing and its use in numerous complex optimization problems.

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Autor: Bhabani Shankar Prasad Mishra
ISBN-13:: 9783319736754
ISBN: 3319736752
Erscheinungsjahr: 26.03.2018
Verlag: Springer-Verlag GmbH
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Seiten: 463
Sprache: Englisch
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