Autor: Biljana Arandelovic
ISBN-13: 9783319734934
Einband: Book
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Format: 244x163x20 mm
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Public Art and Urban Memorials in Berlin

The Urban Book Series
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Richly illustrated book on public art and memorials in Berlin with an unique selection of the city's iconic symbols and landmarks
Introduction.- Creative City Berlin.- Public Art Introduction.- Public Art In Berlin: Selected Projects.- The Celebration Of Berlin¿S 750th Anniversary In 1987.
This book provides insight into the significant area of public art and memorials in Berlin. Through diverse selected examples, grouped according to their basic character and significance, the most important art projects produced in the period since World War II are presented and discussed. Both as a critical theoretical work and rich photo book, this volume is a unique selection of Berlin's diverse visual elements, contemporary and from the recent past. Some artworks are very famous and are already symbols of Berlin while others are less well known. Public Art and Urban Memorials in Berlin analyzes the connections created by public art on one hand, and urban space and architectural forms on the other.
Autor: Biljana Arandelovic
Biljana Arandelovic is Assistant Professor of Contemporary Architecture at the University of NiS and the University of Arts, Belgrade. She was trained as an architect and holds a PhD in architecture from Graz University of Technology (TU Graz, Austria).

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Autor: Biljana Arandelovic
ISBN-13:: 9783319734934
ISBN: 3319734938
Erscheinungsjahr: 08.03.2018
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Seiten: 362
Sprache: Englisch
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