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Embedded Platforms for UAS Landing Path and Obstacles Detection

136, Studies in Systems, Decision and Control
Integration and Development of Unmanned Aircraft Systems
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Reports on the design of a non-expensive sensor system for safe UAS landing
Introduction to Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS).- Sonar Sensor Model for Safe Landing.- Atmosphere effects on the SRS.- Integration among Ultrasonic and Infrared sensors.- UAS safe landing using an optical sensor.- UAS endurance enhancement.- Conclusions.
This book reports on the design and development of a system that assists remote pilots during the landing procedure. In particular, it covers a previously neglected topic, namely the search for the best pathway and landing site. It describes the system's components, such as the ultrasonic sensor, infrared sensor and optical sensor, in detail, and discusses the experimental tests carried out in both controlled laboratory and real-world environments. Providing a fascinating survey of the state of the art in the field of unmanned aircraft system electronics design and development, the book also presents recent advances in and cutting-edge methodologies for the development of acquisition systems and inexpensive sensor design for navigation data.

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Autor: Umberto Papa
ISBN-13:: 9783319731735
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