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London on Film

Screening Spaces
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Engages with both very early films of London and very recent films
1. Introduction: Film Londons - Pam Hirsch and Chris O'Rourke.- 2. 'Local Film Subjects': Suburban Cinema, 1895-1910 - Roland-François Lack.- 3. Glamour and Crime: The London Nightclub in Silent Film - Mara Arts.- 4. Hitchcock's Sabotage (1936): Conspirators and Bombs in Actual, Literary and Filmic London - Pam Hirsch.- 5. 'A Relic of the Bad Old Days': Hollywood's London in None but the Lonely Heart (1944) - Mark Glancy.- 6. London Can Take It: Documentary Reconstructions of the City - Michael McCluskey.- 7. From the Docks to Notting Hill: Cinematic Mappings of Imperial and Post-Imperial London - Eleni Liarou.- 8. Wanting More: Gendered, Space and Desire in Darling and Four in the Morning - Rose Hepworth.- 9. Queer London on Film: Victim (1961), The Killing of Sister George (1968) and Nighthawks (1978) - Chris O'Rourke.- 10. Housing Policy and Building Types: From High Hopes to High Rise - Amy Sargeant.- 11. A Melancholy Topography: Patrick Keiller's London - David Anderson.- 12. From Dogpower to Ratropolis: London in Animated Film - Rui Tang and David Whitley.- 13. Skateboard City: London in Skateboarding Films -Iain Borden.- 14. Shaun of the Dead and the Construction of Cult Space in Millennial London - Paul Newland.- 15. The Cinematic Revival of 'Low London' in the Age of Speculative Urbanism - Malini Guha.- 16. London in Transition: Sites of Melancholy - Charlotte Brunsdon.- 17. East-West: Reflections on the Changing Cinematic Topography of London - Ian Christie.
This book, a collection of essays by expert film researchers and lecturers, contributes to the growing body of scholarship on cinematic cities by looking at how one city-London-has been represented on film. In particular, the collection examines how films about London have responded to social, material and political change in the city, either by capturing and so influencing how we think about London, or by acting as catalysts (intentionally or otherwise) for public debate. Individual essays explore films ranging from the earliest actualities of the late nineteenth century to contemporary blockbusters. The book will appeal to film scholars and students, as well as to readers interested in the history of London and its changing image.
Editiert von: Pam Hirsch, Chris O'Rourke
Pam Hirsch is a biographer and has recently retired from her University Lectureship in Literature, Film History and Theory at the University of Cambridge, UK.  Her latest publication on film is The Cinema of the Swimming Pool (2014). Other essays on film have largely been concerned with wartime filmmaking and the representation of adolescents. 
Chris O'Rourke is Lecturer in Film and Television History at the University of Lincoln, UK. He has published on various aspects of British cinema history, including articles in Film History and Early Popular Visual Culture. His first book, Acting for the Silent Screen: Film Actors and Aspiration between the Wars, was published in 2017.

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Autor: Pam Hirsch
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