Autor: Hyeyoung Woo
ISBN-13: 9783319649481
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Social Foundations of Behavior for the Health Sciences

An MCAT Preparatory Source
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A preparatory aid for social foundations portion of the medical college entrance exam
Introduction to Sociology.- Social Research Methods.- Self-Concept and Identity Development.- Socialization, Social Interaction, and Group Influence.- Culture.- Race and Ethnicity.- Social Structure and Institutions.- Demographic Structure and Patterns of Society.- Social Inequality/Class/Stratification.-  Health, Health Care, and Health Disparities.
This textbook helps students in the health sciences prepare for the social foundations portion of the medical college entrance exam. It provides a solid understanding of the fundamental concepts, theories, and methodologies in sociology that the exam requires. This book offers a condensed overview of the sociological concepts covered during a 15 week semester. It helps students gain an understanding of the social foundations of behavior, and the social determinants of health within the professional context of medicine. Students are provided with the necessary basics in addition to case studies, learning and research activities, recommended external resources, and study questions. These are meant to develop pre-health students' understanding of the importance of the social factors that influence health outcomes. The featured activities contain various exercises using examples of sociology of health and medicine, including social factors shaping health, social relations between doctors and patients, and the health care system, among others. As a result, this book well informs not only those who wish to prepare for the medical college entrance exam to pursue a career in the health profession, but also anyone who is interested in social perspectives on health and medicine.
Autor: Hyeyoung Woo, Matthew J. Carlson, Ginny Garcia-Alexander
Hyeyoung Woo - Interests: Health and Well-Being, Social Demography, Sociology of Family, Aging and the Life Course, Race and Ethnic Relations, and Quantitative Research Methods.Matthew Carlson - Interests: Health care coverage, access, and quality; Health policy; Racial and ethnic disparities in health and health care.Ginny Garcia Alexander - Interests: social demography, health disparities (with particular emphasis on obesity and bariatric surgery), the role of religion on health outcomes, poverty, immigration, and quantitative methods.

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Autor: Hyeyoung Woo
ISBN-13:: 9783319649481
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