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The Brazilian Economy since the Great Financial Crisis of 2007/2008

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Thoroughly examines diverse aspects of the contemporary Brazilian economic context
Chapter 1: The Brazilian Economy Downhill: Assessing the Debate from a Keynesian-Structuralist Perspective.- Chapter 2: Monetary Institutions and Macroeconomic Performance in Brazil after the Inflation Targeting Regime: Theoretical Aspects and Empirical Evidence.- Chapter 3: Asymmetric Exchange Rate Pass-Through: Evidence and Policy Implications for Brazil (1999-2013).- Chapter 4: External Vulnerability of the Brazilian Economy since the Great Global Crisis: New Features in a Turbulent World.- Chapter 5: Brazilian Industry: Recent Performance and Future Challenges.- Chapter 6: Financialization and Investment Behaviour among Non-Financial Corporations in Brazil since the Global Crisis.- Chapter 7: Income Distribution, Productivity and Economic Growth: Empirical Evidence in the Case of Brazil.- Chapter 8: Brazil's Fiscal Policy in Perspective: From Expansion to Austerity.- Chapter 9: Social Policy under Stress: Major Shifts after the Crisis.- Chapter 10: The Impact of the Great Financial Crisis on the Brazilian Stock Market.- Chapter 11: Foreign Exchange Derivatives, Banking Competition and Financial Fragility in Brazil.-
This book examines the performance of the Brazilian economy since the Great Financial Crisis of 2007/2008 with focus on both the productive and financial dimensions, along with distributional and social issues. The book will bring to light the causes of the fast recovery over 2009-2010 as well as of the slowdown after 2011. The chapters use econometric approaches and traditional Keynesian and post-Keynesian theories to empirically analyse the macro scenario. They explore monetary policy, fiscal policy, alongside discussion of investments and the exchange rate market, and an analysis of social policy and its impact on the economy.
Editiert von: Philip Arestis, Carol Baltar, Daniela Prates
er at the Centre of Industrial and Technological Economics (NEIT). She holds a PhD degree, Land Economy, University of Cambridge, UK. She was a visiting fellow at the East China Normal University, Shanghai, China, and was a lecturer at the Global Supply Chain, online course, organized by the Global Labour University and International Labour Organization.

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Autor: Philip Arestis
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