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Advanced Solutions in Diagnostics and Fault Tolerant Control

635, Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing
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Presents recent research on the diagnostics of processes and systems
Diagnosis and Fault-Tolerant Control of Critical Infrastructures.- Cascade Reconfiguration Structures in Fault Tolerant Control.- Constraint Programming for Constructive Abduction. A Case Study in Diagnostic Model-Based Reasoning.- Detection of Periodic Components from Seasonal Time Series with Moving Trend Method and Low Pass Filtering, Duda Jan Tadeusz.- River Flow Simulation Based on the HEC-RAS System.- The Idea of On-line Diagnostics as a Method of Cyberattack Recognition
This book highlights the latest achievements concerning the theory, methods and practice of fault diagnostics, fault tolerant systems and cyber safety. When considering the diagnostics of industrial processes and systems, increasingly important safety issues cannot be ignored. In this context, diagnostics plays a crucial role as a primary measure of the improvement of the overall system safety integrity level. Obtaining the desired diagnostic coverage or providing an appropriate level of inviolability of the integrity of a system is now practically inconceivable without the use of fault detection and isolation methods.Given the breadth and depth of its coverage, the book will be of interest to researchers faced with the challenge of designing technical and medical diagnosis systems, as well as junior researchers and students in the fields of automatic control, robotics, computer science and artificial intelligence.

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Autor: Jan M. Koscielny
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