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Climate Change and Rocky Mountain Ecosystems

63, Advances in Global Change Research
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Details the largest climate change vulnerability assessment in North America
Chapter 1. Introduction and Biogeography (Jessica Halofsky, David Peterson, and Karen Dante-Wood).- Chapter 2. Climatology (Linda Joyce and Marian Talbert).- Chapter 3. Water Resources (Chales Luce).- Chapter 4. Fisheries (Michael Young and Daniel Isaak). - Chapter 5. Forest Vegetation (Robert Keane).- Chapter 6.- Non-Forest Vegetation (Matthew Reeves).- Chapter 7. Ecological Disturbance (Rachel Loehman).- Chapter 8. - Wildlife (Kevin McKelvey and Polly Buotte).- Chapter 9. Recreation (Michael Hand and Megan Lawson).- Chapter 10.- Ecosystem Services (Travis Warziniack).- Chapter 11. Cultural Resources (Carl Davis).- Chapter 12. Applications in Resource Management and Planning (Karen Dante-Wood and Linh Hoang).
This book is the result of a team of approximately 100 scientists and resource managers who worked together for two years to understand the effects of climatic variability and change on water resources, fisheries, forest vegetation, non-forest vegetation, wildlife, recreation, cultural resources and ecosystem services. Adaptation options, both strategic and tactical, were developed for each resource area. This information is now being applied in the northern rocky Mountains to ensure long-term sustainability in resource conditions.
Editiert von: Jessica Halofsky, David L. Peterson
Dr. Jessica Halofsky is a Research Scientist in the University of Washington, School of Environmental and Forest Sciences. She has been involved in climate change research since 2008, and is a national leader in climate change adaptation, especially the application of climate change science in natural resource management. The author of many journal articles and book chapters on climate change and fire ecology, this will be her first book.

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Autor: Jessica Halofsky
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