Autor: Peter Bernholz
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Totalitarianism, Terrorism and Supreme Values

33, Studies in Public Choice
Theory and History
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Presents a dynamic theory of the evolution of totalitarian regimes
Introduction.- Ideologies of National Socialism, Communism, Christianity and Islam.- The Theory of Totalitarianism and Mature Ideocracy, Part I: Evolution and Development.- Further Historical Cases of Totalitarian Regimes.- Mature Ideocracies.- The Theory of Totalitarian Regimes, Part II: Stability, Further Development and Demise.- The Constitution of Totalitarianism.- Terrorism as a Means to Win or to Regain Secular Power.- Economic and Political Problems Facing Ideocracies.- Art and Science in Totalitarian Regimes and Mature Ideocracies.- A Formal Model of Totalitarianism.- Summary: Supreme Values, Totalitarian Regimes and Mature Ideocracies.
Applying a rational choice perspective, this book presents a dynamic theory of the evolution of totalitarian regimes and terrorism. By demonstrating that totalitarian regimes rest on ideologies involving supreme values that are assumed to be absolutely true, the author identifies the factors that lead to totalitarian regimes, and those that transform or abolish those regimes with time. The author addresses different ideologies, such as National Socialism, Communism, and religious movements; examines numerous historical cases of totalitarian regimes; and develops a formal, mathematical model of totalitarianism in the book's closing chapter.
Autor: Peter Bernholz
Corresponding Member of the Bavarian Academy of Sciences. Dr. rer. pol. h. c. of Universitaet Konstanz 2000, Universitaet Freiburg 2011, Germany. Fellow of Wissenschaftskolleg Berlin (Center for Advanced Studies) 2000-2001. President of European Public Choice Society from 1974 to 1981; Member Academic Advisory Board of the German Minister of Economics since 1974; Member of the Macroeconomic Policy Group of the European Union from 1988 to 1990; Co-Founder of the European Constitutional Group 1992.

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Autor: Peter Bernholz
ISBN-13:: 9783319569062
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