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Advances in Biology and Treatment of Glioblastoma

Current Cancer Research
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Emphasizes on biology and current standard of care as well as promising novel therapeutic approaches in glioblastoma therapy
Chapter 1 Maximal Safe Resection in Glioblastoma: Use of Adjuncts (Daria Krivosheya, Marcos Vinicius Calfatt Maldaun and Sujit S Prabhu). - Chapter 2 Molecular Pathology of Glioblastoma- an Update (Vani Santosh, Palavalasa Sravya and Arimappamagan Arivazhagan).- Chapter 3 Current Therapies and Future Directions in Treatment of Glioblastoma (Joshua L. Wang, Luke Mugge, Pierre Giglio and Vinay Puduvalli).- Chapter 4 Recent Advances for Targeted Therapies in Glioblastoma (Michael Youssef, Jacob Mandel, Sajeel Chowdhary, and Santosh Kesari).- Chapter 5 Targeting EGFR in Glioblastoma: Molecular Biology and Current Understanding (Sepúlveda JM, Zahonero C, Sánchez-Gómez P).- Chapter 6 Radiogenomics & Histomics in Glioblastoma - The Promise of Linking Image-derived Phenotype with Genomic Information (Michael Lehrer, Reid T. Powell, Souptik Barua, Donnie Kim, Shivali Narang, and Arvind Rao).- Chapter 7 Next-generation Sequencing in Glioblastoma Personalized Therapy (Jagriti Pal, Vikas Patil and Kumaravel Somasundaram).- Chapter 8 Glioma Stem-like Cells in Tumor Growth and Therapy Resistance of Glioblastoma (Abhirami Visvanathan and Kumaravel Somasundaram).- Chapter 9 Animal Models in Glioblastoma: Use in Biology and Developing Therapeutic Strategies (Schuhmacher A.J. and Squatrito M).- Chapter 10 Pediatric High Grade Glioma (Chitra Sarkar, Suvendu Purkait, Pankaj Pathak and Prerana Jha).
This volume covers the most important areas of glioblastoma - surgical resection, molecular pathology, targeted therapies, cancer stem cells, the role of DNA methylation, targeted sequencing for personalized therapy, animal models and advances in pediatric glioblastoma. Chapter authors are junior and senior investigators, who are well established in their particular areas and include neurosurgeons, neuropathologists, neurooncologists and basic scientists.
Editiert von: Kumaravel Somasundaram
Kumaravel Somasundaram, BVSc, MSc, PhD, is Professor, Microbiology and Cell Biology, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India.

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