Autor: Kevin Conrad
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Absolute Hospital Medicine Review

An Intensive Question & Answer Guide
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The first question-based review guide focused on the growing field of hospital medicine
Inpatient Care.- Consultative and Co-Management.- Hospital Systems Management.
Hospital medicine has expanded beyond the practice of internal medicine to co-manage patients in the fields of orthopedics, neurosurgery and general surgery. This concise guide covers the evolution and expanding scope of hospital medicine and the variety of clinical, ethical and administrative situations a Hospitalist encounters. 500 questions on inpatient care, co-management of patients and hospital system management are provided with the goal of assessing clinical and academic competency. Questions feature actual cases with evidence-based solutions. Useful to physicians, house staff and advanced nurse practitioners, this up-to-date referenced learning text encompasses all aspects of hospital care.
Editiert von: Kevin Conrad
Kevin Conrad, M.D. MBA Medical Director Community Affairs and Health Policy Ochsner Health Systems Associate Professor, Tulane School of Medicine Associate Professor Queensland School of Medicine Ochsner Health Systems New Orleans, LA

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Autor: Kevin Conrad
ISBN-13:: 9783319237473
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Seiten: 205
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