Autor: Joanna Kolodziej
ISBN-13: 9783319237411
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Intelligent Agents in Data-intensive Computing

14, Studies in Big Data
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A comprehensive survey of the agent-based models, technologies, architectures and solutions for data intensive computing and massive data processing systems
Bio-Inspired ICT for Big Data Management in Healthcare.- Control AspectsiIn Multiagent Systems.- A Different Perspective of Agent-Based Techniques: Markovian Agents.- Autonomous, Adaptive, And Self-Organized Multiagent Systems for the Optimization of Decentralized Industrial Processes.- Formal Specification Language and Agent Applications.- Large-Scale Simulations with FLAME.- Cloud Computing and Multiagent Systems, A Promising Relationship.- Privacy Risks in Cloud Computing.- Adaptive Resource Allocation in Cloud Computing Based on Agreement Protocols.
This book presents new approaches that advance research in all aspects of agent-based models, technologies, simulations and implementations for data intensive applications. The nine chapters contain a review of recent cross-disciplinary approaches in cloud environments and multi-agent systems, and important formulations of data intensive problems in distributed computational environments together with the presentation of new agent-based tools to handle those problems and Big Data in general.
This volume can serve as a reference for students, researchers and industry practitioners working in or interested in joining interdisciplinary work in the areas of data intensive computing and Big Data systems using emergent large-scale distributed computing paradigms. It will also allow newcomers to grasp key concepts and potential solutions on advanced topics of theory, models, technologies, system architectures and implementation of applications in Multi-Agent systems and data intensive computing.

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Autor: Joanna Kolodziej
ISBN-13:: 9783319237411
ISBN: 3319237411
Erscheinungsjahr: 30.09.2015
Verlag: Springer-Verlag GmbH
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Seiten: 216
Sprache: Englisch
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