Autor: Gaetano Santulli
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microRNA: Cancer

889, Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology
From Molecular Biology to Clinical Practice
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Provides a systematic and extensive discussion of microRNA's role in various types of cancer
1) microRNA: the master key to precision medicine.- 2) MICRORNAS IN THE MALIGNANT TRANSFORMATION PROCESS.- 3) microRNA and chronic lymphocytic leukemia.- 4) microRNA and malignant lymphoma.- 5) microRNA and gastrointestinal stromal cancer.- 6) microRNA and pancreatic cancer.- 7) microRNA and colorectal cancer.- 8) microRNA and prostate cancer.- 9) Ovarian cancer.- 10) microRNA and breast cancer.- 11) microRNA and soft tissue sarcoma.- 12) microRNA and bone cancer.
This volume thoroughly explores of the functional role of microRNAs in cancer. It not only expertly describes the molecular mechanisms underlying the malignant transformation process but also compiles cutting-edge research on microRNAs in several forms of cancer, including colorectal cancer, pancreatic cancer, leukemia/lymphoma, prostate cancer, lung cancer, ovarian cancer, and bone cancer. Distinguished experts, currently working in prestigious institutions, elegantly discuss these fundamental themes. The text, which opens with a foreword by the renowned Dr. Carlo M. Croce, is enhanced by abundant color photographs, schemes, diagrams, and tables that fully support and complement the content.
Editiert von: Gaetano Santulli
Dr. Gaetano Santulli received his MD and PhD at the University of Naples "Federico II". A physician scientist, Dr. Santulli completed his postdoctoral training at Columbia University Medical Center in New York City, supported by an AHA fellowship and a Scientist Development Grant. Cardiologist, he authored more than 100 publications, including peer-reviewed articles in high impact journals, book chapters, and medical books. He is currently a faculty member of Columbia University. He lives in Manhattan.

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Autor: Gaetano Santulli
ISBN-13:: 9783319237299
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