Autor: Robert B. Lim
ISBN-13: 9783319237176
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Surgery During Natural Disasters, Combat, Terrorist Attacks, and Crisis Situations

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Written first hand by surgeons who were directly involved in actual events
The lessons from this book help surgeons prepare for emergency events that require disaster preparedness usually handled by the United States military, including chemical attacks and massive casualty events. Written by experts in the field perspectives that come from various combat zones and disaster sites, this book highlights the pitfalls to avoid, the organization that is essential for success, and the tips to help perform surgery in the most austere conditions . The book will address situations where surgeons may have to operate on wanted criminals, operate wearing chemical protective equipment, operate in a collapsed building, or even remove an unexploded device. The book includes cases from the battlefield that are designed to guide surgeons facing these scenarios in the civilian world. There are also chapters detailing the lessons learned from the Boston Marathon Bombing, airline disasters, and the Oklahoma City bombing.
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Autor: Robert B. Lim
ISBN-13:: 9783319237176
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