Autor: J. Paulo Davim
ISBN-13: 9783319237046
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Challenges in Higher Education for Sustainability

Management and Industrial Engineering
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Gives the reader a comprehensive knowledge of higher education research and sustainability
Cool Breezes, Cool Classes: Infusing sustainability into the curriculum at California State University Monterey Bay.- Curriculum wide integration of sustainable development: The case at the Civil Engineering department of Université de Sherbrooke (Canada).- The University of Northern British Columbia's Green Fund: Crafting a Tool for Sustainability Transformation.- Grass Roots and Green Shoots: Building ESD capacity at a UK university.- Achieving Sustainability through Rooftop Solar Electricity Generation on the College Campus: A Case Study.- Index.
This book presents the latest advances on the incorporation of sustainability in higher education. Different aspects such as the environmental, economic and social are here discussed. Several examples illustrating how sustainability in higher education is being pursued in different countries can be found in this book. Case studies include institutions from Kosovo, Brazil, Portugal, UK, Canada and USA.

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Autor: J. Paulo Davim
ISBN-13:: 9783319237046
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Seiten: 318
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