Autor: Erik Seedhouse
ISBN-13: 9783319229171
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To Mars and Beyond, Fast!

Springer Praxis Books / Space Exploration
How Plasma Propulsion Will Revolutionize Space Exploration
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1 The Nautilus Paradigm.- 2 A Fast Track to Deep Space.- 3 Early VASIMR Development.- 4 Probing the Physics.- 5 The Breakthroughs.- 6 A New Company is Born.- 7 The VX-200 and the Path to Commercialization.- 8 A Bridge to the Future.- 9 Mission Threats and Potential Solutions.- 10 The VASIMR Nuclear-Electric Mission Architecture.- Index.
As advanced in-space propulsion moves from science fiction to reality, the Variable Specific Impulse Magnetoplasma Rocket, or VASIMR® engine, is a leading contender for making 'Mars in a month' a possibility. A paradigm shift in space transportation, this book is an in-depth and compelling story co-written by its inventor. It traces the riveting history of the development of the VASIMR® engine. This landmark technology is grounded in concepts of advanced plasma physics. It cross-pollinates ideas and disciplines to offer a new, practical, and sustainable solution for in-space transportation beyond low Earth orbit in the decades to come. Invented by the co-holder of the world's spaceflight record, astronaut Franklin Chang Díaz, the VASIMR® engine is developed by Ad Astra Rocket Company in its Texas facilities with NASA as part of the NextSTEP VASIMR® partnership. With adequate funding, the first spaceflight of the VASIMR® engine is imminent. Plasma rockets feature exhaust velocities far above those achievable by conventional chemical rockets. The VASIMR® engine is the most advanced high-power plasma propulsion system operating in the world today and it may place long, fast interplanetary journeys withinour reach in the near future.
Autor: Erik Seedhouse, Franklin Chang Díaz
While his formal college training led him to a BS in Mechanical Engineering, his four years as a student research assistant at the university's physics laboratories provided him with his early skills as an experimental physicist. Engineering and physics were his passion but also the correct skill mix for his chosen career in space. However, two important events affected his path after graduation: the early cancellation of the Apollo Moon program, which left thousands of space engineers out of work, eliminating opportunities in that field and, the global energy crisis, resulting from the I973 oil embargo by the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC). The latter provided a boost to new research in energy.

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Autor: Erik Seedhouse
ISBN-13:: 9783319229171
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