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New Perspectives on Curriculum, Learning and Assessment

Evaluating Education: Normative Systems and Institutional Practices
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Offers a new perspective on curriculum, learning and assessment matters
Preface.- Acknowledgements.- 1. Introduction: Curriculum, Learning and Assessment.- 2. Curriculum Frameworks.- 3. Theories of Learning.- 4. Knowledge and the Curriculum.- 5. Learning Environments and Transitions.- 6. Accountability.- 7. Globalisation Mechanisms .- 8. International Comparisons.- 9. A New Model of Curriculum.- Notes.- References.- Author Index.- Subject Index.
This book offers a detailed analysis and assessment of the state of education round the world. The argument is made that education and curriculum practices are deficient for two reasons. The first is the adoption by governments, policy-makers and practitioners of a set of knowledge practices that can be broadly characterised as empiricist and technicist, and which has come to dominate how curricula are constructed and certainly how education systems and their work can be described. The second is the adoption of a model of curriculum that is both backward-looking and, in its own terms, confused and muddled. This book then sets out an alternative model, which is more cogent and better focused on human wellbeing.

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Autor: David Scott
ISBN-13:: 9783319228303
ISBN: 3319228307
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Seiten: 210
Sprache: Englisch
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