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Birth of Star Clusters

424, Astrophysics and Space Science Library
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Addresses a fundamental question in astrophysics: how do diffuse clouds of gas condense into the collections of luminous objects we call stars?
Embedded Clusters.- Infant Mortality in Massive Clusters: Observation and Theory.- The Origin of Globular Clusters.- Gas Dynamical Simulations of Cluster Formation.- Young OB Associations and Interstellar Gas.-  Clusters in the Galactic Center.-  Bound and Unbound Clusters in the Milky Way.- Super Star Clusters.- The Age Distribution of Extragalactic Clusters.
All stars are born in groups. The origin of these groups has long been a key question in astronomy, one that interests researchers in star formation, the interstellar medium, and cosmology. This volume summarizes current progress in the field, and includes contributions from both theorists and observers. Star clusters appear with a wide range of properties, and are born in a variety of physical conditions. Yet the key question remains: How do diffuse clouds of gas condense into the collections of luminous objects we call stars? This book will benefit graduate students, newcomers to the field, and also experienced scientists seeking a convenient reference.
Editiert von: Steven Stahler
Dr. Stahler is a research astronomer at the University of California, Berkeley, and a prominent theorist in star formation. He is also the co-author, with the late Francesco Palla, of a graduate-level textbook on the subject.

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Autor: Steven Stahler
ISBN-13:: 9783319228006
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