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Three-Dimensional Design Methodologies for Tree-based FPGA Architecture

350, Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering
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A collection of 3D FPGA architecture exploration, physical design, implementation methodologies and CAD tools for Tree-based FPGA architecture
An Overview of Three-Dimensional Integration and FPGAs.- Three-Dimensional Integration: A More Than Moore Technology.- Field Programmable Gate Arrays: An Overview.- Two Dimensional FPGAs: Configuration and CAD Flow.- Three-Dimensional FPGAs: Configuration and CAD Development.- Three-Dimensional Tree-based FPGA: Architecture Exploration Tools and Technologies.- Three-Dimensional Thermal Modeling: Tools and Methodologies.- Physical Design and Implementation of 3D Tree-based FPGAs.- Three-Dimensional FPGAs: Future Lines of Research.
This book focuses on the development of 3D design and implementation methodologies for Tree-based FPGA architecture. It also stresses the needs for new and augmented 3D CAD tools to support designs such as, the design for 3D, to manufacture high performance 3D integrated circuits and reconfigurable FPGA-based systems. This book was written as a text that covers the foundations of 3D integrated system design and FPGA architecture design. It was written for the use in an elective or core course at the graduate level in field of Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering and Doctoral Research programs. No previous background on 3D integration is required, nevertheless fundamental understanding of 2D CMOS VLSI design is required. It is assumed that reader has taken the core curriculum in Electrical Engineering or Computer Engineering, with courses like CMOS VLSI design, Digital System Design and Microelectronics Circuits being the most important. It is accessible for self-study by both senior students and professionals alike.

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Autor: Vinod Pangracious
ISBN-13:: 9783319191737
ISBN: 331919173X
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