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Economics of Land Degradation and Improvement - A Global Assessment for Sustainable Development

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Demonstrates the application of these concepts and methods at the national level through 12 case studies
Introduction.- Part I: Concepts and Methods.- Methods.- Institutional Framework of Taking Action Against Land Degradation.- Part II: Global.- Global Extent Of Land Degradation.- Ground-Truthing of Land Degradation Mapping.- The Global Cost of Land Degradation.- Global Drivers of Land Degradation.- ELD in Global Rangelands.- Part III: Regional.- ELD in Sub-Saharan Africa.- ELD in Central Asia.- Part IV: Country Case Studies: Cost, Drivers and Action Against of Land Degradation.- Argentina.- Bhutan.- China.- Ethiopia.- India.- Kenya.- Niger.- Russia.- Senegal.- Tanzania and Malawi.-Uzbekistan.- Part V: Lessons Learnt and Implications.- What Can We Learn from the Cost of Inaction Against Land Degradation?.- What Can We Learn from the Success Stories of Addressing or Preventing Land Degradation?.- What are the Low-hanging Fruits for Addressing Land Degradation?.-What the World Needs to do to Build Momentum of Addressing Land Degradation?.
improving access to markets and rural services, and securing land tenure.
Editiert von: Ephraim Nkonya, Alisher Mirzabaev, Joachim von Braun
r-energy-food security nexus. Before joining ZEF in 2009, he was an economist with the International Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas (ICARDA). He holds a PhD Degree from the University of Bonn in Germany for his thesis on the economics of climate change in Central Asia.

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Autor: Ephraim Nkonya
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