Autor: Laurier Schramm
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Technological Innovation

An Introduction
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Introduction and Historical EvolutionAcknowledgementsWhat is Innovation?Commercial vs Non-Commercial InnovationInnovation and Economic GrowthDiscovery, Invention, and InnovationThe Pathway to InnovationStages of InnovationThe Valley of DeathWaves of InnovationThe Innovation EcosystemResearch & Technology OrganizationsInnovation Inputs, Outputs, Outcomes, and ImpactsInputs and OutputsOutcomes and ImpactsCurrent Trends in InnovationConclusionFiguresTablesAbout the AuthorReferences
The book provides a basic introduction on innovation technology in research and industry, mainly chemical/ technical industry and therefore bridges the gap between academic and corporate markets. The different innovation stages are discussed and tools presented how to successfully apply this knowledge within a research organization.
Autor: Laurier Schramm
This book provides an introduction to technological innovation and how it can be successfully pursued and managed. The key elements involved in developing successful technological innovations are discussed, with attention to different models and processes that may be considered, and potential contributions from different organizations in the innovation ecosystem. These elements are also placed into the context of organizational leadership and strategy. Overall, the book bridges the gaps among academia, government, not-for-profit, and business/industry to show how the skills and abilities of each sector can be harnessed to improve the probabilities of success in developing technological innovations.

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Autor: Laurier Schramm
ISBN-13:: 9783110438277
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Seiten: 223
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