Autor: Brooks Peterson
ISBN-13: 9781931930000
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Cultural Intelligence

A Guide to Work and Life with People from Other Cultures
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Cultural Intelligence is the perfect antidote for overcoming cross-cultural differences, improving workplace communication, building solid business relationships and contributing positively to your organization's bottom line.
Advice for Westerners needing to improve their work skills with foreign employees, customers or partners.
Autor: Brooks Peterson
Brooks Peterson is founder and president of Across Cultures Inc., an international consulting firm serving global leaders. An experienced cross-cultural trainer, researcher and graduate-level educator, he has lived and traveled extensively around the world and now lives and works in Minneapolis. He is the creator of a variety of tools and resources for internationally focused business-people, including the widely used Peterson Cultural Syle Indicator.

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Autor: Brooks Peterson
ISBN-13:: 9781931930000
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Erscheinungsjahr: 04.01.2004
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Seiten: 200
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