Autor: Supersaurs Limited
ISBN-13: 9781786968005
Einband: Buch
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Format: 205x156x27 mm
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Supersaurs 1: Raptors of Paradise

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A thrilling new adventure series: what would happen if dinosaurs never died out?Imagine a world where dinosaurs never died out and have evolved into . . . supersaurs. In this world, mankind lives side by side with supersaurs, sometimes in harmony, sometimes in conflict. Different species of supersaurs are farmed like cattle, ridden like horses, and mistreated, experimented on and worshipped around the world, just like other animals. This is the world that thirteen-year-old Bea Kingsley and her grandmother live in. Bea has many questions: what happened to her explorer parents, who disappeared when she was just a baby? Why has her grandmother, Bunty, brought Bea to the remote Indonesian islands of Aru, unexpectedly and without warning? And who is the native boy they meet, extraordinarily living in the wild, and being brought up by secretive, shy and bird-like supersaurs? Could these intriguing developments be something to do with tracing the mystery of her parents' disappearance? And could the journey be a terrible mistake? As it is on the islands of Aru that Bea, her grandmother, and their protector and friend Theodore Logan, meet the dubious and dangerous Christian Hayter, who has secrets to hide along with an increasingly threatening manner . . . THE RAPTORS OF PARADISE is the launch of a major new six book series for children. It will be illustrated throughout with magnificent black and white artwork. In addition, a free Supersaurs app will ensure the illustrations and images come alive through clever use of augmented reality.
Autor: Supersaurs Limited
Jay Jay Burridge is a fine art sculptor who studied at Central Saint Martin's College of Art and Design. For his degree show he made a forty foot long, self assembled dinosaur skeleton out of MDF. In 1994 he took over from the legendary children's TV presenter Tony Hart writing and co-presenting the TV show SMart for the BBC. This grew into three spin-off series and touring live shows. Jay then turned his attention to a career in commercial art for brands such as Sony, Adidas, and Levis. It was not long before he started up his own custom-made trucker cap brand, Lucky Seven Caps.In the summer of 2010 he returned to his favourite dinosaurs and exhibited his supersaurs sculptures in a one man show in Beverly Hills, LA. The eighty-thousand square-foot space was filled with nine full-sized supersaurs. With his friend Jamie Oliver, he created the Dinersaur Diner, situated in the heart of Piccadilly Circus.Jay lives in Oxfordshire with his family.

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Autor: Supersaurs Limited
ISBN-13:: 9781786968005
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