Autor: Ben Aaronovitch
ISBN-13: 9781782761877
Einband: Taschenbuch
Seiten: 128
Format: 256x171x10 mm
Sprache: Englisch

Rivers of London: Body Work

1, Rivers of London
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Peter Grant having become the first English Apprentice wizard in fifty years must immediately deal with two different but ultimately inter-related cases. In one he must find what is possessing ordinary people and turning them into vicious killers and in the second he must broker a peace between the two warring gods of the River Thames.
An all new adventure for Aaronovitch's laconic, way-past-cool but slightly geeky trainee wizard and budding detective, Peter Grant. This title is set between "Broken Homes" and "Foxglove Summer" in the "Rivers Of London" continuity.

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Autor: Ben Aaronovitch
ISBN-13:: 9781782761877
ISBN: 178276187X
Erscheinungsjahr: 29.03.2016
Verlag: Titan Publ. Group Ltd.
Gewicht: 306g
Seiten: 128
Sprache: Englisch
Sonstiges: Taschenbuch, 256x171x10 mm