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Asymmetric engagement

The Community and Voluntary Pillar in Irish social partnership
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Joe Larragy
Irish Society Princeton University Press
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1. Introduction2. Interpretations of Irish social partnership 3. Associations, movements, governance and power 4. A case study: rationale, scope and key concepts 5. The Community and Voluntary Pillar: an overview 6. Reversal of fortune: the Irish National Organisation of the Unemployed 7. Community or demos? The Community Workers' Co-operative8. Superior tactics? The Conference of Religious in Ireland (Justice Commission) 9. Multi-tasking: the National Women's Council of Ireland 10. Asymmetric engagement Appendices References Index
This book focuses on one of the most innovative aspects of Irish social partnership, the Community and Voluntary Pillar. It is the most thorough account of the dynamics of the Pillar to date and tackles the weaknesses in existing perspectives. Through the lens of asymmetric engagement, Larragy captures the elusive ways in which small organisations may achieve some real change, suffer setbacks and periods in the doldrums, and still come back for more. Against the warp and weft of broader political and economic dynamics, and shifts in the political sentiment of the demos, the book identifies windows of opportunity for organisations acting as policy entrepreneurs. This volume will address a key gap in the literature on Irish political studies, governance institutions and social policy. Written in a clear and lively style, this is a wonderful resource and should be an essential text for students.

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