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A matter of intelligence

MI5 and the surveillance of anti-Nazi refugees, 1933-50
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Charmian Brinson
Princeton University Press
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IntroductionPart I: I Spy 1933-391. Defending the realm: MI5 in the making2. Liddell in wonderland: MI5 and the Prussian secret police3. The undesirables: political refugees from Germany and Austria after January 19334. The mysterious case of Dora Fabian5. Nazi spies and the 'Auslandsorganisation'6. No more peace: Otto Lehmann-Russbueldt and German rearmament7. Flying and spying: Claud W. Sykes, Karl Otten and the 'Primrose League'8. The 'Red Menace'9. 'Peace for our time'Part II: Secrets, lies and misinterpretations10. 'A state of confusion which amounted almost to chaos': MI5 1939-4111. The internment of 'enemy aliens'12. 'The largest communist sideshow in London': the Free German League of Culture13. The Austrian Centre - and 'the great Eva'14. 'About the most dangerous of all these organisations': the Czech Refugee Trust Fund15. Whispers and lies: the informers16. Friends in need: British supporters of the refugeesPart III: Preparing for the Cold War17. Red alert: keeping watch on the communists18. Tube alloys: the British atomic bomb project19. The spy who was caught: the case of Klaus Fuchs20. The spy who got away: the case of Engelbert Broda21. Parting companyConclusionA note on sourcesSelect BibliographyIndex
This is an unusual book, telling a story which has hitherto remained hidden from history: the surveillance by the British security service MI5 of anti-Nazi refugees who came to Britain fleeing political persecution in Germany and Austria. Based on the personal and organisational files that MI5 kept on political refugees during the 1930s and 1940s - which have only recently been released into the public domain - this study also fills a considerable gap in historical research. Telling a story of absorbing interest, which at times reads more like spy fiction, it is both a study of MI5 and of the political refugees themselves. The book will interest academics in the fields of history, politics, intelligence studies, Jewish studies, German studies and migration studies; but it is also accessible to the general reader interested in Britain before, during and after the Second World War.

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