Lessons in Teaching Grammar in Primary Schools
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Lessons in Teaching Grammar in Primary Schools

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Suzanne Horton
Learning Matters Lessons in Teaching
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What is Grammar?Grammar in ContextYear 1: Teaching Sentence DemarcationYear 2: Teaching ConjunctionsYear 3: Teaching Direct SpeechYear 3: Using the Perfect TenseYear 4: Teaching Adverbial PhrasesYear 4: Teaching the Difference Between the Plural and Possessive -sYear 5: Teaching Modal VerbsYear 5: Teaching Expanded Noun PhrasesYear 6: Using the Subjunctive Form in SpeechYear 6: Using the Passive VoiceMoving OnGlossary of Terms
Lesson planning in line with the new Primary National Curriculum!

Outstanding grammar lessons are not about teaching children the mechanics of grammar but fostering a curiosity about language, words and clauses when explored within a meaningful context. This book offers practical ideas and lesson plans to help you plan and teach lessons that motivate, engage and inspire pupils to use grammar accurately and creatively to produce writing that is fluid, cohesive and purposeful. It will also help you to teach grammar confidently and effectively by addressing your own grammar questions and providing essential subject knowledge. The lesson ideas have all been tried and tested in the classroom, and you can adapt the lessons to teach other aspects of grammar or change the focus of the learning objective to reflect the needs of your classroom. Did you know that this book is part of the Lessons in Teaching series?

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