The Complete Handbook of Coaching
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The Complete Handbook of Coaching

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Elaine Cox
SAGE Publications Ltd
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Introduction - Tatiana Bachkirova, Elaine Cox and David ClutterbuckTheoretical PerspectivesThe Psychodynamic approach to coaching - Graham LeeCognitive-behavioural coaching - Helen Williams, Nick Edgerton and Stephen PalmerThe Solution-focused approach to coaching - Michael Cavanagh and Anthony GrantThe Person-centred approach to coaching - Stephen JosephThe Gestalt approach to coaching - Peter BluckertExistential coaching - Ernesto SpinelliOntological coaching - Alan SielerNarrative coaching - David DrakePsychological Development in adulthood and coaching - Tatiana BachkirovaThe Transpersonal approach to coaching - John RowanThe Positive Psychology approach to coaching - Ilona Boniwell, Carol Kauffman and Jordan SilbermanTransactional Analysis and coaching - Trudi Newton and Rosemary NapperThe NLP approach to coaching - Bruce GrimleyContexts and GenresSkills and Performance Coaching - Bob Tschannen-MoranDevelopmental Coaching - Elaine Cox and Peter JacksonTransformational Coaching - Peter Hawkins and Nick SmithExecutive and Leadership Coaching - Jon Stokes and Richard JollyThe Manager as Coach - Andrea Ellinger, Rona Beattie and Bob HamlinTeam Coaching - David ClutterbuckPeer Coaching - Rick LadyshewskyLife Coaching - Anthony Grant and Michael CavanaghHealth and Wellness Coaching - Margaret Moore and Erica JacksonCareer Coaching - Bruce Hazen and Nicole A. StecklerCross Cultural Coaching - a Paradoxical Perspective - Geoffrey AbbottMentoring in a Coaching World - Bob GarveyProfessional Practice IssuesThe Future of Coaching as a Profession - David Lane, Reinhard Stelter and Sunny Stout RostronCoaching Supervision - Peter HawkinsCoaching and Mental Health - Michael Cavanagh and Andrew BuckleyContinuing Professional Development for Coaches - Dianne StoberEthics in Coaching - Diane Brennan and Leni WildflowerResearching Coaching - Annette Fillery-Travis and Elaine CoxConclusion - Tatiana Bachkirova, David Clutterbuck and Elaine Cox
This second edition provides the most comprehensive guide to the field of coaching, exploring a range of coaching theories and approaches, genres and settings, and professional issues. It supports trainees and professionals to identify and develop a personal style of coaching.

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