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Understanding Research with Children and Young People

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Alison Clark
SAGE Publications Ltd Published in association with The Open University
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IntroductionSECTION 1: CRITICAL ISSUES IN RESEARCH WITH CHILDREN AND YOUNG PEOPLEImages of Childhood and their Influence on Research - Mary KellettWhat is Research with Children and Young People? - Sandy Fraser, Rosie Flewitt and Martyn HammersleyDesigning Research for Different Purposes - Victoria CooperDoing Qualitative Research with Children and Young People - Sue BucknallEthics - Priscilla AldersonSECTION 2: METHODOLOGICAL APPROACHES TO RESEARCH WITH CHILDREN AND YOUNG PEOPLEIntroduction Research Design - Martyn HammersleyParticipant Observation - Heather MontgomeryInterviews - Rosie FlewittWorking with Texts, Images and Artefacts - Helen Hearn and Pat Thomson Methodological Ideas - Martyn HammersleySECTION 3: THE REALITY OF RESEARCH WITH CHILDREN AND YOUNG PEOPLEIntroductionPerspectives on Parental Involvement: a Discussion of Practitioner Research - Nicola SmithDeveloping and Adapting the Mosaic Approach - Alison ClarkInventing Adulthoods: a Qualitative Longitudinal Study of Growing Up - Sheila Henderson and Rachel Thomson Young Lives: Reflections on Qualitative Research in Education within a Longitudinal International Study - Caine RollestonSECTION 4: ENGAGING AUDIENCES AND DISSEMINATING FINDINGS: THE IMPACT OF RESEARCHIntroductionDisseminating Research: Shaping the Conversation - Martin RobbAchieving Policy Impact: Researching Children's Issues at EU level - Sandy RuxtonTransformative Dialogues: the Impact of Participatory Research on Practice - Chris Pascal and Tony BertramEngaging Children and Young People in Research - Alex Mann, Joseph Liley and Mary Kellett
How do views about children shape research concerned with their lives? What different forms can research with children take? What ethical issues does it involve? How does it impact on policy and practice, and on the lives of children themselves?
This book helps you to understand how research is designed and carried out to explore questions about the lives of children and young people. It tackles the methodological, practical and ethical challenges involved, and features examples of actual research that illustrate:

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