Art and Archaeology

Collaborations, Conversations, Criticisms
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Andrew Cochrane
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241x160x20 mm
One World Archaeology

This volume presents a collection of interdisciplinary collaborations between contemporary art, heritage, anthropological, and archaeological practitioners. Departing from the proceedings of the Sixth World Archaeological Congress's 'Archaeologies of Art' theme and Ábhar agus Meon exhibitions, it includes papers by seminal figures as well as experimental work by those who are exploring the application of artistic methods and theory to the practice of archaeology. Art and archaeology: collaborations, conversations, criticisms encourages the creative interplay of various approaches to 'art' and 'archaeology' so these new modes of expression can contribute to how we understand the world. Established topics such as cave art, monumental architecture and land art will be discussed alongside contemporary video art, performance art and relational arts practices. Here, the parallel roles of artists as makers of new worlds and archaeologists as makers of pasts worlds are brought together to understand the influences of human creativity.
Explores new collaborations between artists and archaeologists
Table of Contents: 1. Introduction Ian Alden Russell; Andrew Cochrane.- Part I. Exploration and Experimentation.- 2. Colin Renfrew: A conversation.- 3. The cave and the mind: Towards a sculptural and experimental approach to Upper Palaeolithic art Andrew Meirion Jones, University of Southampton.- 4. Joining Forces: Neuroaesthetics, contemporary visual art and archaeological interpretation of the past Liliana Janick, University of Cambridge.- 5. Interface I: Day of the Figurines IRAC.- Part II. Curation and Exhibition.- 6. Art and Archaeology: The Ábhar agus Meon exhibition series Ian Alden Russell, Brown University.- 7. Art and Kilmainham Gaol: Negotiating art's critical intervention in the heritage site, Pat Cooke, University College Dublin.- 8. Another proof of the preceding theory: Film, materialities and Stonehenge Helen Wickstead, Kingston University, London.- 9. Interface II: Home: An installation for living in Christine Finn, Independent Scholar.- Part III. Application and Exchange.- 10. Dust and debit age: An archaeology of Francis Bacon's studio Blaze O'Connor, University College Dublin.- 11. Creating contexts: Between the archaeological site and art gallery Antonia Thomas, University of the Highlands and Islands.- 12. Artists connecting archaeologists: Encountering the third kind Michaël Jasmin, Artist and Independent Scholar.- 13. Interface III: Digital Dwelling at Skara Brae Alice Watterson, Glasgow School of the Arts Kieran Baxter, University of Dundee Aaron Watson, Part IV. Archaeology after Art.- 14. Pearson|Shanks - theatre/archaeology - return and prospect Mike Pearson, Aberystwyth University Michael Shanks, Stanford University.- 15. Art // Archaeology // Art: Letting-go beyond Doug Bailey, San Francisco State University.

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