Autor: Alessandro Ardolino
ISBN-13: 9781430267003
Einband: Book
Seiten: 220
Format: 236x192x15 mm
Sprache: Englisch

Game Development Tool Essentials

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Game Development Tool Essentials offers tips and tricks from industry professionals for strengthening and streamlining that all-important game tools pipeline.
Part 1: Asset and Data Management
Game Development Tool Essentials provides must-have tips and tricks from industry professionals for strengthening and streamlining your game tools pipeline. Everyone knows the game tools pipeline is important, but in the current environment of shrinking budgets and increased time pressure, developers often have to settle for inefficient, ad hoc, messy pipelines. This unique book will break you out of that cycle. The practical, expert insights contained within will enable you to work faster and more efficiently, so you can spend more time making cool things. Game Development Tool Essentials pools the knowledge and experience of working developers over four critical aspects of the game tools pipeline: asset and data management, geometry and models, Web tools, and programming. Within those sections, you will learn cutting-edge techniques on essential subjects such as COLLADA rendering, exporting and workflow; asset management and compiler architecture; and moving tools to the cloud. If you're a game developer, you need Game Development Tool Essentials.
Covers readily available tools and tools developers can build themselves.
Presents 96 code samples, 81 illustrations, and end-of-chapter references.
Special chapter on moving tools to the cloud.
Autor: Alessandro Ardolino, Remi Arnaud, Paula Berinstein, Simon Franco, Adrien Herubel, John McCutchan, Nicusor Nedelcu, Benjamin Nitschke, Don Olmstead, Fabrice Robinet, Christian Ronchi, Gustavo Samour, Rita Turkowski, Robert Walter
Paula Berinstein is the author of numerous how-to books and articles and former producer/host of The Writing Show podcast. She wrote the COLLADA CTS for the Khronos Group and is a former member of the Khronos COLLADA work group.

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Autor: Alessandro Ardolino
ISBN-13:: 9781430267003
ISBN: 1430267003
Erscheinungsjahr: 30.05.2014
Verlag: Apress
Gewicht: 429g
Seiten: 220
Sprache: Englisch
Auflage 14001, 1st ed
Sonstiges: Taschenbuch, 236x192x15 mm