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HTML5 Quick Markup Reference

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Chapter 1: HTML5 History: The Past and Future of HTML Markup
Chapter 2: HTML5 Documents: Top-Level Document Definition
Chapter 3: HTML5 Search Engine Optimization: Title and Meta
Chapter 4: HTML5 Referencing: Using External Links and Favicons
Chapter 5: HTML5 Processing: Using CSS and JavaScript
Chapter 6: HTML5 Parameters: Using Global Tag Attributes
Chapter 7: HTML5 Navigation: Hypertext Using the Anchor Tag
Chapter 8: HTML5 Multimedia: Utilizing New Media Assets
Chapter 9: HTML5 Organization: Document Content Hierarchy
Chapter 10: HTML5 Semantics: Defining Semantic Documents
Chapter 11: HTML5 Formatting: Publish Text-Based Content
Chapter 12: HTML5 Phrase Tags: Using Non-Standard Text
Chapter 13: HTML5 Lists: Numbered, Bulleted and Definition Lists
Chapter 14: HTML5 Tables: Constructing Data in a Tabular Format
ating Forms Using HTML5 Tags<
Chapter 16: HTML5 Positioning: Document Layout and Placement
Chapter 17: HTML5 Scripting: Using JavaScript and Powered by Inooga