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Inside the Leader’s Head

Unraveling Personal Obstacles to Ministry
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For better and worse, the church is the family of God; and as families, congregations are also susceptible to the glories and dysfunctions of family living. Some church family members can even sap the strength and drain the life from the leader's soul. When pastors reel from wave after wave of real and perceived pressures, the church family is set adrift with no firm foothold. Using a system framework, this book will show leaders ways they can develop spiritual, emotional, and relational stamina so that they can better minister to the family of God and help them walk through the inevitable dark valleys and continue to grow closer to God together.

From the Circuit Rider review: "Inside the Leader's Head does a masterful job of weaving psychological analysis and Wesleyan theology to produce a practical guide for leading a congregation. For those who are new to family systems theory, they provide an accessible and brief introduction to the subject. For those who are familiar with the theory Holeman and Martyn cover familiar terrain from a refreshing perspective that shows how these themes are connected to the Trinity and holiness." (Click here to read the entire review.)

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