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To Tempt A Gentleman

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Simply Irresistible
Simply IrresistibleWhen an elderly relative passes away, the last thing Sir Michael Stewart expects is a bequest--especially a lushly attractive young woman determined to move into his home! The old lady's former companion and housekeeper, Catriona Grant has promised to take care of him now, but Michael doesn't need her help: The stubborn lass has far too many ideas about letting the sunshine in and chasing the doldrums out. Widowed and content at his remote and admittedly rather bleak estate on Scotland's coast, Michael has only one solution--finding Miss Grant a husband of her own. But letting her go isn't as easy as he imagined--especially when he discovers that what passed for contentment before has been shattered by fantasies of the sweet tilt of Catriona's lips, and the soft curves of her body. . . Praise for the Novels of Kate Huntington &quote;Kate Huntington's reputation for frothy, fun-filled frolics is well earned with this charming tale of an amazingly stubborn family that doesn't realize just how much they care for each other. Fast-paced and fun.&quote;--Romantic Times on Town Bronze &quote;Ms. Huntington has a flare for character and dialogue that puts her in the upper echelon of regency writers.&quote;--Rendezvous on Lady Diana's Darlings

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