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Mountain Dreams

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She Mixed Business With Pleasure. . . All Allison Masters wants is to show her tyrannical father that she's tough enough to climb to the top of the family's business, a chain of luxury hotels. So she's devastated when he exiles her to Jackson Hole, Wyoming to manage one of the company's more modest inns. Not only does fast-track Allison feel out of place in laid-back Jackson; she is horrified to discover that singer Beau Beaudine, the sexy stranger who nearly seduced her on her first day in town, is booked for a six-month gig at the inn's bar. . . .And Got Mixed-Up In LoveA devastating plane crash forced Country/Western star Beau Beaudine to stop touring, but it didn't dampen his mischievous spirit. So when he runs into a distraught Allison, he can't help offering his own brand of comfort--a sympathetic ear and some memorable kisses. When Allison refuses to be just another conquest for a legendary ladies' man, Beau finds himself intrigued by the fiery beauty. Something about her makes him want to believe that the intoxicating passion they shared could be the start of something real. . .something mountain dreams are made of.

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