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Like a Bee to Honey

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A Wisconsin Amish farming family looks on with delight as their shy daughter blossoms into a woman in love in this heartwarming romance.
Shy, skittish Rose Christner is more comfortable tending to the beehives on the family farm than attending social gatherings with the rest of the die youngie. A childhood trauma and secret shame keep her heart under lock and key. And Rose just can't accept the sweet attention she's receiving from her handsome neighbor, Josiah Yoder. But the more she shies away from Josiah, the more their families sneakily plot to bring them together.

As Josiah begins to win Rose's trust with his kindness and patience, she begins to reveal the charming and caring personality she's kept hidden for too long. And when a vandal who's been plaguing the Honeybee Farm starts targeting Rose, Josiah's steadfast protection just may lead her into his waiting arms . . .

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