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Wild Abandon

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"Edwards moves readers with love and compassion." -Bell, Book & Candle
Never let go, never give up . . . The tragedy of the Civil War had forced Lauralee Johnston into an orphanage, and years passed before she was finally reunited with her beloved father and heard his dying wish. But for sheltered Lauralee, placing her trust in a Cherokee brave was almost too much to ask. Unfamiliar with Cherokee customs and especially Joe Dancing Cloud's powerful, exotic presence, she gradually learned to trust in his gentle strength, especially when it came to exploring the passion they shared. But once they claimed each other's hearts, the world around them denounced their love. Against fear and prejudice, the two lovers will have to fight for their destiny . . . Praise for Cassie Edwards &quote;A sensitive storyteller who always touches readers' hearts.&quote;-RT Book Reviews &quote;Cassie Edwards captivates with white hot adventure and romance.&quote;-Karen Harper &quote;Edwards moves readers with love and compassion.&quote;-Bell, Book & Candle

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