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Fire Me Up

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"Kimberly Kincaid knows how to whip up a delicious love story." -Susan Donovan
A bad-boy chef teaches a pub owner's daughter all about sizzle and spice in this Blue Ridge Mountains romance by the USA Today bestselling author. Paramedic Teagan OMalley knows how to handle a crisis. But now she suddenly finds herself working in the kitchen of her fathers pub, with no notice, no cash, and no room for error. Lucky for her, she just scraped a motorcycle-riding chef off the pavement after a minor accidentand something about him says he can turn up the heat in more ways than one. Adrian Holt has had a rough few years, and hes not eager to get tangled up in anything more complicated than a good risotto. But with a broken arm and a head full of bad memories, he needs a challenge to keep him sane. Teagans dare-me attitude and smoldering mess of a bar are just what the doctor ordered. And the two of them together might cook up some even better medicine.

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