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Rules Of Marriage

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A Wicked Purchase. . .
A Wicked Purchase. . .When, at the height of the Peninsular War, she is offered on the auction block by her lowlife husband, lovely Scotswoman Rachel Cameron fears the worst. To her great relief, she is purchased by Lord Jacob Forrester, a rugged English officer whose life she once saved. She becomes Jake's right hand on the bloody campaign trail...and, when fiery passion flares, his mistress... . . .Costs A Gentleman His Heart Back in London, where propriety rules, Jake is faced with the incontestable impropriety of his relationship with Rachel. To save her from the scathing tongues of the gossipy ton, he casts her aside--never dreaming a stunning revelation will foil his plans to reclaim her with a proper offer. Now Jake must vie with viscounts and barons for the hand of a woman he once bought in a tavern...and convince a reluctant lady that his love is true...and truly forever...

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