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Teachers' Unions and Education Reform in Comparative Contexts

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Lindsay Whorton
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Introduction PART ONE: RESEARCH DESIGN 1. Teachers' Unions and Education Reform: A Review of the Literature 2. Beyond Narrow Assumptions of Interest and Power: A Conceptual Framework 3. Research Design, Case Selection, and Methodology PART TWO: INTERNATIONAL CASES 4. Finland: History and Context 5. Quiet Compromises: Finland's New Salary System 6. The Canton of Zürich: History and Context 7. Eventually Overcoming Resistance: The MAB System 8. Finland and Zürich: Multiple Pathways to Reform PART THREE: SCHOOL DISTRICT CASES 9. Teachers' Unions in the United States: A Sub-National Test 10. School District Analysis: A Series of Congruence Tests PART FOUR: CONCLUSION 11. Useful Conflict?: Finding the Path to Progress
Teachers' unions have long been controversial and divisive organizations, but criticism and distrust of them may be at an all-time high. This volume considers the prevailing assumption that unions successfully block change in education because they are primarily motivated to protect members' interests. It challenges the conceptualization of teacher union motivation and provides a more nuanced account of unions' interests, power and impact.

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