Specifications for Building Conservation
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Specifications for Building Conservation

Volume 1: External Structure
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Rory Cullen
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Preface, Introduction, Part I: Conservation, Philosophy and Principles, 1. Conservation Philosophy, 2. Conservation Principles of Heritage Organisations, 3. Conservation Plan, 4. Heritage Legislation, 5. Procurement and its Relationship with Specification, 6. Writing a Specification, Part II: Case Studies, 7. Building Recording, 8. Masonry: Brickwork and Stonework, 9. Timber Repairs, 10. Stone Roof Coverings, 11. Thatch
In Specifications for Building Conservation, the National Trust draws on a range of case studies and specifications to provide a much needed guide to specification writing for building conservation. Although traditional building accounts for approximately a quarter of all buildings in the UK, the old skills and understanding required for their care and maintenance have been increasingly eroded over the last century. As the largest heritage charity in Europe, the National Trust has a first class reputation for high standards of conservation and care, and in this three volume set, the Trust brings together a remarkable pool of expertise to guide conservation professionals and students through the process of successful specification writing.

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