The English Bible as Literature
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The English Bible as Literature

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Charles Allen Dinsmore
Routledge Revivals
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Part 1: The Genius and Discipline of Hebrew People; 1. The Marks of a Supreme Book 2. An Epic of Redemption 3. How did a literature so great come from a people so small? 4. Mental and Spiritual Characteristics which differentiated the Hebrews from other peoples of their time 5. The Literary Qualities of the Hebrew Mind 6. How the Hebrew Writings Became an English Classic 7. The Diction of the English Bible; Part 2: Literary Values of the Old Testament Books; 8. The Earliest Histories Ever Written 9. The Historic Books of the Old Testament 10. Biblical Poetry 11. Biblical Poetry (Continued) 12. The Prophets 13. The Humanists of Israel 14. Prose Fiction; Part 3: The Literary Qualities of the New Testament; 15. The Gospels 16. The Sayings of Jesus as Literature 17. Paul as a Writer 18. New Testament History and Letters 19. Apocalyptical Writings; Index
The religious associations surrounding the Bible make it difficult for the general reader to appreciate, in its full purity, the value which the Scriptures bear as literature, and as an epic in no way inferior, in cultural worth, to the greatest works of Greece and Rome. Dealing as it does with elementary passions and principles, the English Bible is, in the author's view, the greatest book of all the ages. This book, first published in 1931, will be of interest to students of literature and religious studies.

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