Pueblo Style and Regional Architecture
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Pueblo Style and Regional Architecture

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Nicholas C. Markovich
Routledge Revivals
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Foreword; Preface; Contributors; Acknowledgements; Introduction; 1. Overview; Part 1: Pueblo World Views and Values; 2. Aesthetics of the Southwest 3. Pueblo Space, Form, and Mythology 4. Learning from the Pueblos; Part 2: Historical Evolution; 5. Understanding the Development of Pueblo Architecture 6. The Great Pueblo Period in Southwestern Archaeology 7. Modernization and Pueblo Lifeways: Isleta Pueblo; Part 3: Modern Tendencies; 8. Contemporary Zuni Architecture and Society 9. The Metaphors of Hopi Architectural Experience in Comparative Perspective 10. Tewa Visions of Space: A Study of Settlement Patterns, Architecture, Pottery and Dance; Part 4: Revival Architecture, The Romantic Tradition; 11. The Myth and Power of Place: Hispanic Revivalism in the American Southwest 12. The Aesthetics of Holmes and Bandelier 13. Escape from the Southwest: The Pueblo Style in Minnesota and Florida 14. New Mexico in the Tradition of Romantic Reaction; Part 5: Revival Architecture. Anglo Initiatives; 15. Santa Fe Renaissance: City Planning and Stylistic Preservation 16. Symbol and Reality: The Cultural Challenge of Regional Architecture at the University of New Mexico, 1889-1939 17. Georgia O'Keeffe's New Mexico: The Artist's Vision of the Land and Its Architecture; Part 6: Regionalism; 18. Regionalism in American Architecture: A Comparative Review of Roots 19. Ritual and Regional Genesis of Architecture 20. On Regions and Regionalism 21. Pueblo Images in Contemporary Regional Architecture: Primal Needs, Transcendent Visions; Part 7: Photograph Portfolio; Index
Few architectural styles evoke so strong a sense of place as Pueblo architecture. This book brings together experts from architecture and art, archaeology and anthropology, philosophy and history, considering Pueblo style not simply architecturally, but within its cultural, religious, economic, and climate contexts as well. The product of successive layers of Pueblo Indian, Spanish, and Anglo influences, contemporary Pueblo style is above all seen as a harmonious response to the magnificent landscape from which it emerged. Pueblo Style and Regional Architecture, first published in 1990, is a unique and thorough study of this enduring regional style, a sourcebook that will inform and inspire architects and designers, as well as fascinate those interested in the anthropology, culture, art, and history of the American Southwest.

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