The Quality of the Urban Environment
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The Quality of the Urban Environment

Essays on "New Resources" in an Urban Age
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Harvey S. Perloff
Routledge Revivals
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Preface; 1. A Framework for Dealing with the Urban Environment: Introductory Statement 2. Pollution and Environmental Quality 3. The Three-Dimensional City: Contained Urban Space 4. Open (Uncovered) Space as a New Urban Resource 5. Amenity Resources for Urban Living 6. Transport: Key to the Future of Cities 7. The Value of Urban Land 8. Location, Size, and Shape of Cities as Influenced by Environmental Factors: The Urban Environment Writ Large 9. Patterns of Time and Space Use
The quality of the environment in which people live, work, and play influences to no small degree the quality of life itself. The environment can be satisfying and attractive and provide scope for individual development or it can be poisonous, irritating and stunting. The papers in this volume, first published in 1969, are concerned with the urban environment - in which the majority of Americans live - or, more accurately, with the environment of urbanites, for the concern extends to outlying areas where urban dwellers visit and play. The chapters aim to provide a better understanding of the natural resource elements in the urban environment, and will be of interest to students of environmental studies and human geography.

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