Lineament: Material, Representation and the Physical Figure in Architectural Production
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Lineament: Material, Representation and the Physical Figure in Architectural Production

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Gail Peter Borden
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Introduction. Part 1: Interviews. Interview 1. Gail Peter Borden and Mark Lee. Interview 2. Gail Peter Borden and Wes Jones. Interview 3. Michael Meredith and Jan de Vylder. Interview 4. Michael Meredith and LTL. Part 2: Material Representation and Design. 1. Force to Form: Operational Logics of a Material Reality. Eric Howeler and Meejin Yoon 2. Why Architects Should Want to Give Up Control and Predictability. Blair Satterfield and Marc Swackhammer 3. Tower of 12 Stories. Jimenez Lai 4. Our Brief Affair With El Wire and My Lasting Love for Tempest. Predock Frane 5. Ragged Edges: The Story of the Quasicrystal. Aranda Lasch 6. Amant: Brooklyn, NY. SO - IL 7. 3.C. City. Amale Andraos and Work AC Part 3: Material Representation and Processes. 8. Expanded Mechanisms: The Signalization of Material. Andrew Witt 9. Design Computation and Material Culture. Achim Menges 10. Embodied Computation: The Changing Relationship of Physical Form and Geometry. Axel Kilian 11. Post Rock: Material and Medium. Meredith Miller and Thom Moran 12. Loss of Control: Error, Glitch, and Imperfection in Architecture. Santiago R. Perez Part 4: Material Representation and Technique 13. The Great Roe. Sam Jacob 14. Post-digital Materiality. Adam Fure and Ellie Abrons 15. Paranormal Panorama. Anna Neimark and Andrew Atwood 16. Edges. William O'Brien Jr. 17. Outside the Lines. MOS Part 5: Material Representation and Perception/Effect 18. BUILT DRAWING. Gail Peter Borden 19. Houses of Sufficient Density. Andrew Holder 20. Inverting Neutra. Bryony Roberts 21. Que viene el Coco [Here Comes the Boogeyman]. Lluis Ortega 22. Big Drawing Norman Kelley Index
This comprehensive catalogue of contemporary work examines the renewed investment in the relationship between representation, materiality, and architecture. It assembles a range of diverse voices across various institutions, practices, generations, and geographies, through specific case studies that collectively present a broader theoretical intention.

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